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So we are in, we finally made it! Does it stop here? Are we satisfied? Have we made it to the promise of the American Dream? Or do we keep fighting, because one man doesn’t make us equal, one man doesn’t make it right, one President doesn’t complete the dream, it gives us another part of the dream. So celebrate because this is a great day but don’t settle because we still have to overcome!!!


Hello everyone I truly apologize for my long delay on the top one hundred sold but I have been working really hard.  Still in the process of getting adjusted to my new home, Atlanta is beautiful and I love it but don’t get it twisted people it is not Detroit.  No offense and I’m sure people who have never lived in Detroit but have heard of it are sitting back like this guy is crazy!  Truth is Detroit gets a bum reputation on a regular basis, but that is neither here nor there.  I’m here today for something a bit different!  I have so busy trying to sell more and more I haven’t taken the time to sit back and count my everyday blessings.  I wake up everyday with a roof over my head and food in the fridge, I have been doing that for 31 years.  I have been blessed my entire life and can only hope that it is in GOD’s will to have those blessing continue.

I’ve been able to accomplish things that a lot of people only dream of, I have done things that a lot of people wish they could.  But it’s hasn’t been all me, all the time without the support of certain people I wouldn’t have made it this far.  Especially when it comes to books sales, so let me set the record straight.  I have certain people that I can’t help but thank for their support and for pushing the book so hard.  Danielle has sold a great deal of the first hundred books, if she wasn’t hand delivering autographed copies to her people she was sending people directly to me or telling them exactly where they can pick the books up.  She was an unbelievably huge part of me selling as many books as I sold.  For that and many other reasons I truly appreciate Danielle.

While on the subject of people who helped I have to send love out to Nakia (KE-KE) MaGEEEEEEE!!!  Nakia has been a huge support from day one when Karma was just a thought in my head and anyone who knows me that’s a continuous event, if it wasn’t for her support I might have never got that first one down on paper.  She didn’t stop there I went to drop Ke’s book off at her job and by the time I left five of the ten books that I had left in the trunk were gone.  I’m sure if it wasn’t for the fact that she had just started the job a week earlier I would have completely ran out of books.

This brings us to the person who almost sold more books than the author himself.  If I’m the deal closer she is definitely my set up woman.  From day one Michelle (Chelley) Jones hasn’t hesitated to be the sales woman of the year.  After the initial surprise of actually having an author living in the neighborhood, and realizing the flyer that I handed her was not for a party I was promoting Chelley has helped to sale more books than I could ever imagine.  She helped catapult me new heights, from introducing me to my first PR agent, to introducing me to countless book buyers.  If it wasn’t for Chelley I couldn’t be the favorite author of more than half of AT&T, and once we ran out of people she turned Credit Acceptance out.  She even started a book club, and held meetings at her home for my first book.  Enabling me to have great dialect with my readers and get an opportunity to see what people actually thought of my work.  A great deal of The Learning Curve was written with her reading helping me decide if certain parts work or not.  After doing all that and more she still wasn’t finished she introduced me the artist who did the art work to the cover of The Learning Curve.  Shout out to Lisa (The Artist) Jenkins!  Chelle you have done more for me than some family and friends that I have known my entire life and I thank you so much for that.

Danielle, Nakia, and Michelle I truly appreciate the belief that you all had in me and I promise that the drive and determination will not falter just because my zip code has.  I know a lot of people didn’t understand the move or at least they didn’t understand the timing with the move but it had to happen.  I know it will be a million and one people saying that I won’t make it and the next book won’t be out and every other thing under the sun.  I okay with that mainly because I know you three will be keeping me hot in Detroit, more importantly ya’ll will make sure I continue to be the best author in Detroit, while I work on being the NUMBER ONE AUTHOR IN THE WORLD!!!!

I will make you all proud!!!!



Miss. Hampton didn’t plan on letting me miss out on her advances. While at the annual Blue and Burgundy game that kicked off the basketball season, she made her advances obivious instead of leaving it in the air as she had done before.

“Mr. Alexander how are you today?”

“I’m alive.”

“It can’t be that bad, you have to be more than just alive. You should feel great, you sure look great.”

“Well thank you ma’am, I appreciate the compliment. I never said I felt bad I just said I’m alive, and from what I hear that’s a beautiful thing.”

“Well maybe if you said it with a little more enthusiasm then people wouldn’t automatically feel like something’s wrong with you.”

“My mom always told me about assuming. Just kidding I’m fine, thank you for your concern.”

“Mmmm hmmm, don’t mention it, just making sure that there isn’t anything that I can do to pick your spirits up.”

“Well honestly I’m a lil hungry, it would be nice to have a home cooked meal.”

“It just so happens I’m cooking tonight, you’re more than welcome to stop by and pick up a plate, or if you like I can bring it to you.”

“That sounds good, what’s on the menu? You know what beggars can’t be choosers, so if you’re bringing me food I’ll eat whatever you bring.”

“Is that right?”

“Yeah that’s right, whatever you bring.”

Knowing that we were no longer speaking on just food, I added a little smirk at the end of my statement. As she blushed and happily began to walk away I couldn’t help but notice the lack of form below her waist. Lucky for me she more than made up for it in the chest area. With that I sat back and watched the Blue team win the game by six points over the Burgundy team. With all three of my favorite students (Dave, Mal, and Deion) being on the Blue team, we actually had an opportunity to be good this year, something we hadn’t done in many years since I left.

The game ended with a great play that involved all three of them. One of the players from the Burgundy team went up to lay the ball up and Deion went up and pinned the ball between the backboard and his hand then came down with it. In the same motion, he threw it up to Dave who crossed over a defender at half court making the defender stumble backward and fall. Then before taking another step he pulled up for what looked like a shot and out of no where as the ball came close to the rim Mal came out of no where over the teams starting center, grabbing the ball with two hands then dunking the ball over him. The entire play sent the crowd into an uproar. That play alone had the whole crowd salivating awaiting the start of the season.

Shortly after the PLAY, I made my way to the door, it was time for me to make my way home. It wasn’t long after I arrived home, and had just gotten out of the shower when there was a knock at the door. Already having an idea of who it was, I immediately went to the door without taking the time to throw on some type of clothing. As I opened the door with nothing but my towel covering my lower body, she had a look across her face that let me know she meant business. Trying to apologize for my attire, I couldn’t help but notice that her eyes were fixated on my towel. With my back still being on the wet side, she politely asked if I needed any help drying off. With no thought to what I was saying I replied that I had it under control, and followed it up with I wouldn’t want you to get wet in the process. My wit was evenly matched because before the words left my mouth and hit her ears. She responded, “It’s too late.”

As we laughed, I took the opportunity to glance at her attire, it wasn’t completely to my liking. She had the black blouse that accentuated what I thought were her greatest assets, (boy was I wrong) it wouldn’t be long before I would get a full array of her best quality. Attempting to walk past her to get back to my room, and change into something less troublesome. I was close enough for her to reach out and touch me, pulling my towel from around my waist exposing every inch of me, for her viewing pleasure. My reflexes were a bit slower than usual. Before I reached to retrieve the towel, I made sure that she got an eye full. The visual wasn’t enough for her, she wanted more. So without warning she leaned in and with a flick of her tongue she quickly attained my attention. Standing there with a towel half on, as she teased the part of my body that she now had full control of, all the time running her hands up and down my thighs. My hand slipped away from the towel and was placed on the back of her head making sure she got as much of me as possible. She didn’t miss a stride in her rhythmic stroke as each time her head pulled away, she wasted no time sliding it right back into position. I could feel my knees weaken as my excitement mounted. I was so used to women pulling away by this point, afraid of what was coming next, but that never happened. She kept her mouth in the proper place until she received the bounty that she had worked so hard for. That would’ve been it for most people but this was nothing more than an appetizer for us. She laid back on the couch and begged me to give her what she had been yearning for, the black skirt that didn’t cover half of her thighs was easily moved up to her midsection instead of taken off. Instead of laying on top of her, or grabbing her legs to spread them out, I grabbed her left thigh throwing it over the other and rolled her over to the arm of the couch with one leg dangling off the couch and the other stuck between the arm of the couch and the pillow, I wasted no time entering her paradise. Using her scrunched up skirt like a strap, I pulled her back to me as I thrust forward, listening to the moans that she didn’t want to escape. Aggressively whispering in her ear, I made sure she knew that I wanted to hear every moan from her until we were done. As I watched her clutch the back of the couch, and make every distorted face possible I couldn’t help but smile. I was in all my glory, it couldn’t get much better than this. I had a grown ass woman screaming my name like there was no tomorrow. I felt like a KING!!! That was until there was a knock on the window, and considering the blinds were more than half way open, My mind told me not to look, but my curiosity definitely got the best of me. As my head turned my mouth dropped! Brandi was standing in the window hands cupped, and pressed against the glass trying her best to view inside. This didn’t seem hard considering the tint wasn’t as dark as I was wishing it was at that particular moment. Lucky for me the glare from the sun light made it extremely difficult most days. The most surprising part was that my stroke never missed a beat, it was almost like I was turned on by the fact that I was caught in the act. Just as I began removing myself, from my particular situation Miss. Hampton began to shake uncontrollably her wetness gushing all over the place, on me as well as the couch. By the time I reached the door Brandi was already in her car pulling away. I can’t even begin to imagine what I would’ve said to her so I didn’t even attempt to open the door. After Miss Hampton finally caught her breath she, felt it necessary to apologize. She didn’t want to cause any trouble between me and my woman. Coldly starring at her, I explained that it was time for her to get her shit together and make her way out of my house. Though my problem wasn’t with her, I wasn’t in the mood for a condescending attitude. I wanted to be alone.


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Customer Rating for this product is 4 out of 5 Great Read
Tiffani Brazelton, A reviewer, 09/30/2008

The ‘Learning Curve’ is an excellent book. When I first started, I thought OH NO Chris is up to his same old escapades, but by the end of the book, he definately had a place in my heart. I like the fact that Hashim is very detailed in his writing and makes you feel a range of emotions for the main character from wishing he was your man to making your heart bleed for him. It did start a little slow and there were some grammatical errors, but Hashim Conner is definately a fresh breath to the literary world. I look forward to reading his work and will definately be a supporter throughout his career.

Also recommended: Karma

Customer Rating for this product is 5 out of 5 Love for The Learning Curve
Melody Thomas, an up and coming Author., 09/30/2008

Ladies & Gents he’s done it again!! Mr. Conner has not disappointed in this saucy sequel to Karma. Christopher Alexander’s journey through the ups and downs of the bachelor life is absolutely the excitement one needs to be on the edge of your seat constantly! We’ve all grown with Christopher and I can’t wait to see what his future brings!

Also recommended: Karma

Customer Rating for this product is 5 out of 5 ‘Smart, Intelligent & Sexy’
‘Ms. Repo’, A reviewer, 09/29/2008

Mr. Conner, I enjoyed your book. Mr. Alexander is an intelligent, sexy and ‘genius’ among other things,I enjoyed your book very much. Mr. A, has a charm that is very addictive. The one important part was the relationship that he had with a student by the name of Dave. We need more positive role models like Mr. Alexander in the classrooms. I hope that Mr. Alexander finds a ‘real sister’ that will give him what he needs.

Also recommended: Other title is ‘KARMA’


Okay, Okay, Okay.  I keep getting question from a lot of people asking me about  my writing.  so I think I will answer the top three questions that I hear the most.

Question 1.) What are your books about?

Answer:  Well my genre would be considered Urban Contemporary mean your gonna get an urban feel but without all the drugs guns and violence.  A little romance, lot of sex, and a great true to life story.  To get just a bit deeper my first novel is entitled KARMA and it starts the story of your favorite main Character Christopher Alexander.  The book pretty much gives the reader and inside look at Christopher’s life growing up on the West side of Detroit and continues to follow through high school, college and then into adulthood.  Giving he great insight on the women that he dealt with along the way.  Karma ends unexpectedly and leaves readers begging for more, so I gave it to them with my next book entitled The Learning Curve.  The Learning Curve is the sequel to Karma but unlike most sequels has the unique ability to stand alone.  This book is the continuation of Christopher Alexander, life and tells the story of him not learning his lesson from the first book.  This time however he does learn a valuable lesson and he also gives you the reader a deeper look into his life so we won’t be dealing with his insatiable sexual appetite.  Both are great reads if I do say so myself.

Question 2.)  Are these books about your life?

Answer:  Easy answer NO!  However much I would like to be Christopher Alexander I couldn’t not handle the troubles that he continuously gets himself into.  I don’t think any man could be considered Christopher Alexander.  No man is that lucky, however considering I am the author I do have to say that a lot of my mannerisms, and language that I use is definitely embedded in the speach, and mindset of Christopher Alexander.  But I think that is something that can be said about most writters, are caracters have to come from somewhere.

Question 3.)  What makes you different from all other writers?

Answer:  For a long time this was a question that I found the hardest to answer because everything that I thought of just seemed a little too vain for my taste. But the truth is the truth no matter how it sounds.  So here it is.  A lot of writers have the ability and the gift to tell a good story, and they all should be applauded for that talent.  Yet a select few of those writers have a unique ability to expand those talents and take them a bit further.  And in there writing they have the ability to take the reader on a journey.  Even further ahead of the curve are the writers who not only do the first two parts but add a third.  And that’s where I believe I am.  Not only do I have the ability to tell a good story, as well as take my reader on a journey, but I also have the unique ability to place my reader right in the middle of the action.  I make my reader feel like they are right there with the characters.  I make them believe in what’s going on in the story and I make the story real.

I hope I have answered these questions in full for you all and if you happen to have another then please fell free to leave a note or a comment or just email me.

Thank you for you support

Your friend:  The Author


Hey, you looking as sexy as you want to. How’d you get in here?

“Well I hope you are not upset, I got the key from your sister. I told her I wanted to surprise you.”

Why would I be upset? And even if I was, your attire would have killed that quick! So what’s up with the lack of clothes?

“What do you think? I think it’s about time we take our relationship to the next level.”

And what level might that be? (as if it wasn’t obvious)

“Well we’ve been together for about three months, even longer if you count the time it wasn’t official. I think it’s about time that we take our relationship to a sexual level. Plus I need to know if you can satisfy me before I’m disappointed after the Prom.”

Hahaha, You got jokes huh? Are you sure this is what you want to do. I can wait, we don’t have to rush into anything.

“I’ve thought about it and I haven’t wanted anything more than this in my life. I want you so bad, right now. So stop talking and come on over here and give me what I want.”

Well I haven’t told you no so far in our relationship, why would I start now?

As I slowly approached the center of the room, where she lay comfortably on the bed. Looking oh so beautiful with nothing more than her pink Victoria Secret’s set on, I couldn’t help but stop and stare for a moment. Thinking to myself this beautiful, intelligent, young lady wants me. This was so amazing to me, I could not have been convinced I would be in this situation this time last year. But here I am about to have sex with one of the sexiest girls in the school. As I slid my hands through her jet-black hair, I heard a slight moan escape as she exhaled. I gently pressed my lips to hers, and we began a strong passionate kiss. I could feel her hands grasping at my back caressing, and massaging my shoulders. As the kiss became more passionate I could feel her hands and fingertips more and more. As I lay on top of her and the caressing continued she unleashed one of her many talents, sliding her feet up to my waist. With one leg she held me close, and with the other she maneuvered her foot inside the waistband of my oversized jogging pants, and easily pulled them down below my thighs. By now I’m not only very turned on, but surprised by her flexibility, also by the way she has taken over the situation. Now in nothing more than a pair of boxers, and her nothing at all, she begins a very slow seductive grind against me. All the while looking deep into my eyes as if she had a serious concentration going on. She leaned forward, and placed her breast directly over my mouth as her hands roamed under the pillow under my head. As I began to enjoy the breast that my tongue and lips where teasing, I also began to notice the moisture from her softness. She pulled her hands from under the pillow and quickly ripped open the package, as we both worked on getting my boxers off, she immediately grabbed me and rolled down the Magnum. Before I could say a word she quickly slid down, and let out a loud sigh, and in her sexiest Spanish accent “Aye Papi”, escaped her lips. This did something totally different for me. I had never heard anything so beautiful before in my life. She moved with so much passion it was as if she could feel even the slightest move that I made. She stayed on top of me for a while to control how much of me she felt, as she continued to ride she expressed how much she was enjoying herself. I slowly took control of the situation, as she allowed me to roll her over on her side. I lifted her leg into the air, and gave myself an opportunity to get a complete stroke in as she felt the entirety of my love, she quickly grabbed the nearest pillow and covered her mouth. She let out a muffled YEEEESSSS, which turned me on even more. I believe she could tell that her speaking in Spanish really excited me, with each stroke more and more of her Dominican ancestry emerged. I could feel each time I entered her moisture she was getting tighter and tighter. She had complete control over her muscles, which intensified the experience.

She finally asked me to turn her over, so that she could see my face. She wanted to look into my eyes to see my expression while I was deep inside her. As we slowly moved into position, with her legs wrapped around my waist, and her hands massaging my back. I could feel myself getting closer and closer to my destination. She was very close to the same. She had come to the point where she couldn’t stop her legs from trembling. Her next action insured my arrival. She slowly dug her nails deep into my back, and the intensity of the pleasure, and pain that I was introduced to brought me directly to my destination. The warmth of my explosion could be felt throughout both of our bodies. I could see the excitement in her eyes, as I was sure she could see the satisfaction in mine. As the hours passed we continued to explore each other’s bodies until it was time for me to return to school for my last day of basketball practice.