Hashim Conner’s Literary Works
sophisticated contemporary urban literarture

The Escort: Introduction

With a billion and one questions running through his mind at the moment, the one that seems to stick out is simple. It’s possible that it’s the same question that’s on the mind of everyone that knows him personally. “What the fuck had he learned from his endeavors?” The answer, well that was a bit more complicated only because he had learned too much during the last couple of years. Starting with the fact that relationships DON’T work! Let’s rephrase that relationships DON”T work for him! Part of him didn’t feel he was prepared to go into detail, but if he must then eventually he must. For now it was but an after thought, there were more important things learned besides that of his failed attempts at love. Society as a whole was in disarray and for him to set his sites on his problems alone was worthless. In his mind the only thing left to do was to move on to everything else that he had the misfortune of learning the hard way. Christopher learned that the career that everyone was so sure was made for him was really not his niche. It seemed he wasn’t too keen on taking orders, and he had a serious problem with supposed authority figures. Especially the ones that are idiots, but if he was to be totally honest it wasn’t completely his superiors fault. The system was flawed, or better yet the parent, Hell the kids aren’t worth a damn either but it’s not their fault either. Society has spent so much time trying to talk at today’s youth and rarely take the time to talk to them, and with a generation that wants everything now including respect. It’s just too hard to get through to them with old fashion tactics. Now the question was simple; “What was he to do next?”

The reality is the most important thing that he’s learned was the fact that he had a gift, and that gift wasn’t meant to be used for one and one person only. What was that gift you ask? He had an uncanny way of making a woman feel good about herself, not saying that she doesn’t already but he tends to make them feel that much better. Truth is he was really good at it as well, so good in fact that he found a new job better yet a lovable career.

New career, new atmosphere, some type of people, or should we say the same old shit! Waiting to be escorted upstairs to meet his possible new boss, and be directed to the place were he would be doing the jest of his work. He couldn’t help but over hear the conversation between a few of the security guards. Grayson (at least that’s what his name tag said) a high yellow heavy set guy had the floor at the moment explaining to everyone how he was the man at home, and still did his thing in the streets. Even though his sub-par exterior made his statement fairly unbelievable, he amazingly commanded the attention of all listening, as he gave an account of his action in his household. In his mind Chris was going back and forth feeling a bit wrong for not believing him, after all he had no idea who he had at home. Chris finally came to the conclusion that it wouldn’t hurt to listen.

One Response to “The Escort: Introduction”

  1. WOW This is going to be a wonderful book. I can tell already!!!! YOU ARE TALENTED BEYOND YOUR OWN BELIEF!!

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