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Three Questions:

Okay, Okay, Okay.  I keep getting question from a lot of people asking me about  my writing.  so I think I will answer the top three questions that I hear the most.

Question 1.) What are your books about?

Answer:  Well my genre would be considered Urban Contemporary mean your gonna get an urban feel but without all the drugs guns and violence.  A little romance, lot of sex, and a great true to life story.  To get just a bit deeper my first novel is entitled KARMA and it starts the story of your favorite main Character Christopher Alexander.  The book pretty much gives the reader and inside look at Christopher’s life growing up on the West side of Detroit and continues to follow through high school, college and then into adulthood.  Giving he great insight on the women that he dealt with along the way.  Karma ends unexpectedly and leaves readers begging for more, so I gave it to them with my next book entitled The Learning Curve.  The Learning Curve is the sequel to Karma but unlike most sequels has the unique ability to stand alone.  This book is the continuation of Christopher Alexander, life and tells the story of him not learning his lesson from the first book.  This time however he does learn a valuable lesson and he also gives you the reader a deeper look into his life so we won’t be dealing with his insatiable sexual appetite.  Both are great reads if I do say so myself.

Question 2.)  Are these books about your life?

Answer:  Easy answer NO!  However much I would like to be Christopher Alexander I couldn’t not handle the troubles that he continuously gets himself into.  I don’t think any man could be considered Christopher Alexander.  No man is that lucky, however considering I am the author I do have to say that a lot of my mannerisms, and language that I use is definitely embedded in the speach, and mindset of Christopher Alexander.  But I think that is something that can be said about most writters, are caracters have to come from somewhere.

Question 3.)  What makes you different from all other writers?

Answer:  For a long time this was a question that I found the hardest to answer because everything that I thought of just seemed a little too vain for my taste. But the truth is the truth no matter how it sounds.  So here it is.  A lot of writers have the ability and the gift to tell a good story, and they all should be applauded for that talent.  Yet a select few of those writers have a unique ability to expand those talents and take them a bit further.  And in there writing they have the ability to take the reader on a journey.  Even further ahead of the curve are the writers who not only do the first two parts but add a third.  And that’s where I believe I am.  Not only do I have the ability to tell a good story, as well as take my reader on a journey, but I also have the unique ability to place my reader right in the middle of the action.  I make my reader feel like they are right there with the characters.  I make them believe in what’s going on in the story and I make the story real.

I hope I have answered these questions in full for you all and if you happen to have another then please fell free to leave a note or a comment or just email me.

Thank you for you support

Your friend:  The Author

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