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With Love Like This Who needs major marketing?

June 30, 2008

I have to send a special thank you to my new favorite fan. I truly appreciate the fact that you love the book so much and thank you for your support!   Hello Soror, I am reading a book that I think you ladies should read. The name of the book is “The Learing Curve” […]

Don’t Forget About “KARMA!!!”

June 18, 2008

Hello All: Thought I’d stop by and remind everyone that The Learning Curve is my second book and is the sequel to the fisrt I’m sure we all don’t know but hopefully after this post you may want to go and have a look see for yourself.  For everyone that has bought and read a […]

It’s My Birthday!!!!

June 17, 2008

Not sure if you guys know or not but It’s officially my Birthday!!  Sorry I haven’t been in a while but I had to stop by and celebrate with all the people who care about me.  The book has been selling like sun screen in the summer time. Can’t wait until the release party I’ll […]

Another Day! Another book, and I’m gonna keep thanking you!!!

June 10, 2008

Another day has passed and another book has been sold, well actually that would be another 2 books.  Sorry it was a slow day, I’m sure I’ll do better tomorrow.  Truth is I have to be thankful wether it’s two  or twenty  so here I am again and I hope you guys love it. I […]

Sorry I missed a day, but I’m back!!!

June 8, 2008

Back because I insist that the friends, family and FANS definitely deserve their recognition because without them there is no me.  With that said on with the thanks. We left off at number 18 if anyone is out there counting.  So I’ll move on to (19), and that would be none other than your favorite […]


June 6, 2008

Well once again I’m back for another quick post.  Today was another good selling day eventhough I would love for the numbers to be much higher I am still excited because these sales don’t really cover my immediate support system.  They are coming soon, but for now I am excited about my fan base.  So […]