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Just a Question that haunts me!

After months and months of listening to a group of peers and people from an older generation. I have one question that truly haunts me. Why do we need another African American Leader? Why do we need one person of African American decent to lead and unify our people? One person that we can all stand behind and come together for? We seem to be the only race or culture that NEEDS a figurehead to speak for us, to tell us what we want as a people. Now don’t get me wrong I am a full supporter of Dr. Martin Luther King, Marcus Garvey, and Malcolm X but at this stage in the game we are only getting remnants of their abilities. Answer this for me and I promise this is my last question for the time being. Where are the Leaders in other cultures, or races? Where are the Asian leaders, the Irish leaders, how about the Mexican leaders. Who are the people in the forefront of these cultures? And if they don’t have them, why do we NEED them?

3 Responses to “Just a Question that haunts me!”

  1. Well Hashim, dear I am afraid you are not exactly correct. Ghandi is known in India as “The Father of the Nation”. Then there is Mandela of South Africa. Garvey is known as the “National Hero of Jamaica”. Now those are just a few of the people that came to mind after reading your post but you see the difference is that “they” run things, they are in charge and it will or has taken a strong person to go against them. Theses people that “stand up” so to speak, do so not just for the good of his own race but for the good of the opressor as well as it teaches him/her to look at things from another perspective. I will try (in my spare time) to do a little more research on the subject and reply again soon.

  2. You also have to understand that our government is set up differently. We have freedom of speech. Many contries have dictatorships and could be killed for speaking out against the various ills of the particular place. In England for example, ruled by the Queen. She takes care of her people very well in my opinion. Everyone has healthcare. Did you know that here in the US if you are in the hospital and with out insurance you will be put out. Several hospitals in California were under a microscope for having taxi’s drop patients off in downtown Los Angeles and leaving them on the street. In England and several other places all they ask is your name and other information (that matters re: your health) meds are affordable and when it’s time for you to go home if you do ot have a ride home the hospital will give you money for a cab. Go figure. So there are many reasons why we need what we need. Next topic?

  3. Wow. Let me ponder on this question first before answering.

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