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(Kar-ma – The sum of a person’s actions during the successive phases of his or her existence, regarded as determining his or her destiny in future incarnations.) “Karma” it’s all around us affecting our everyday lives, we’re absorbed by it. It’s as real as the air we breathe, and the love we share. Just like the love we feel and the air we breathe it’s going on without being seen. No one is more affected by this than Christopher. After years of sexual escapades, breaking hearts, and in the end ruining good women over and over again, he thought that he had finally found the ONE. There was something different about her, she had a certain realness about herself, she was special. So special in fact that instead of her being head over heels for him like so many others before her, it was the complete opposite. It was she that had him wide open, and in the end it would be him that would have to pick up the pieces of his broken heart, and find a way to go on with his existence.

The Learning Curve
Christopher Alexander is back and out for revenge. After having his feelings hurt in an unimaginable way he’s out to make them pay. The only problem is, he plans on making all of women pay for the decision of one woman. Mr. Alexander start The Learning Curve exactly where Karma left off, instead of attempting to put the pieces back together and heal. Christopher dives head first back into a life of sexual encounters, without serious relationships. Turning his sex life into some kind of game that only he knows he’s playing. Running form woman to woman, until he’s broadsided by Ariel who’s playing a game herself. With her indecisiveness she has an impossible task of choosing between Christopher and her ex-man who just won’t quit. Or at least that’s how she portrays the situation. Without much effort at all she has Christopher back in a position that he swore he would never be in again. Little does he know he’s much worse off, than he was with Karma. From the classroom, to the bedroom, Christopher gives us a much deeper look into the exciting life he lives.

The Congregation
There is no need for a video tape, when Sex, Lies, & unfaithfulness is cast upon your eyes within the Third Street Baptist Church. Come on in and let the hypocrisy commence. “Come as you are…” is the invitation that is given with welcoming arms, while Rev. Coleman digs deep into his spiritual bag every Sunday, oddly enough the Congregation leaves the same way they came; indulging into their sinful ways exploring some of the Seven deadly sins.Greed, Lust, Envy and more. Of course, everything is not always what it seems, and these Sinners’ would love to convince you of their Sainthood, with a closer glance you will GET THE TRUTH! Please make your way down to Third ST. this Sunday and grab a seat next to one of our favorite families. After you get the word you cant leave without getting the gossip from sista Patton-Silver. Protesting to be one of the most honest and faithful servants there, her nose is in everyone’s Business. She has all the latest news on her son Issac, and daughter-in-law Veronica (the Patton’s) as well as the low down on the Coleman’s and the Williamson’s too. So come on in we look forward to having you as a member of The Congregation. The Place where the truth should set you free!

The Escort
With the after glow of Karma, and all that he learned from the games played in The Learning Curve, Christopher Alexander returns for a third installment both older and wiser, but still unsuccessful when it comes to matters of the heart. A new job and a new lease on life bring newfound challenges. As Mr. Alexander learns the ropes of being a newspaper reporter from the greatest source possible, Mz. Gross and her personal assistant Dominique Hall, he’s also forced to realize there are two sides to the business of gathering information. Luckily for all parties involved, Christopher Alexander and his current mental state combined with his unquenchable thirst for pleasure are more than qualified for the positions.

The Books






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