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Welcome to FALSELAND (pronounced fal•se•lin) Where lives take place but nobody lives…

We all know someone who dwells here, whether it’s a friend, a family member, co-worker, or acquaintance – we all know someone who resides in FALSELAND. Unfortunately if you don’t know someone, it just maybe you who’s spending your time overwhelmed by the allure of FALSELAND. Maybe we need to go further & give a better explanation. How about we give an example, let us introduce you to some of the lifetime residents of FALSELAND.

Beautiful chocolate brown skin, unbelievably proportioned, the envy of every woman who knew her, and the fantasy of every man she encountered. Christina Dior…Her name rolled off the lips of men from coast to coast, while being cursed by her fellow women at every opportunity. As it usually happens for a person who resides in FALSELAND, things seem great from the outside looking in. From outside, she had the world eating out of her hands & everyone wanted a piece of her. It always seemed like she had it all together. From the moment she entered the club, all eyes were glued to her as she mixed and mingled throughout the packed house. From the bar to the VIP area she gallivants through the party for all to see.

She’s exactly what older people are talking about when they make a statement about Fool’s Gold, or all that glitters ain’t gold. She seems to have it all together. Starting from her feet working our way up to her head. You’d have to notice the red bottoms that she just purchased for tonight’s special occasion. The D&G fitted dress with the back v cut so low on-lookers get a perfect view of the crack of her cakes. The dress being so short, it barely covers her beautiful assets. As we continue up to her encrusted ears, each studded with two carats a piece, picking up every glimmer of the dim light the club had to offer. Even with them being covered by her 18 inch Bohemian Virgin Remy that she swears she orders offline, you know the kind they supposedly weigh by the ounce. She’s absolutely flawless, we haven’t mentioned the 2009 Mercedes that she just leased after trading in her Charger…Once the people see that at the end of the night they’ll be speechless. It would be extremely hard to believe that it gets any better than this but it does…at the end of the night she’ll drive thirty minutes north to her town house in a beautiful gated community.

The perfect deception…only a long look would expose her true residence. She was not only a member of FALSELAND, she was the President. Though she played that as close to the vest as possible, only he could call her on the truth and since he had been over her it wasn’t important to him.

The he that we mentioned before is Rob McBride, one of the few people who knew all about FALSELAND. He refused to ever be a resident after seeing the after affects that it left on his parents and people around him. No, FALSELAND wasn’t his cup of tea, he’d much rather live in the real world and deal with the problems instead of ignoring them and allowing them to eventually deal with him. That’s why they failed to work while they were together, because she was a permanent resident and he couldn’t bring himself to visit.

Rob tried to warn her, and since he was a bit older, he even tried to guide her but she was too far gone. Instead of continuing to beat a dead horse he let her go, and each of them were happier for it. She was allowed to go on with her life, and he was allowed to go on with his. Though she held a grudge and often blamed him, fearful that one day he might expose her secrets. Unaware she had nothing to fear from him, because her issues didn’t hold much weight with him. Even after trying to explain it to her, she still never stopped worrying about the truths he could tell about her situation.

The truth was she wasn’t as important as she would like to believe. She didn’t have it all together as you’d think she did from first glance. The reality outside of FALSELAND was that she was just as fucked up as most of her onlookers. While they were wowed by her glamour and grace, it was all a sham. She was miserable, and it was all a cry for help that no one could hear, because her persona spoke so loud. From the hair that she picked up on sale from the local beauty supply, to the cubic zirconia that she covered hoping no one with a real eye for jewelry would catch a glimpse. It was all phony, or she went into debt to acquire it. Just like the Dolce and Gabanna dress that looked so wonderful on with the price tag tucked in – because she purchased it after she made room on her maxed out Visa by paying the bill down (and it definitely had to go back). Her hypocrisy didn’t stop there. We can’t forget the Mercedes that she hopped in at the end of the night that she struggles to pay the car note on each month because she got even with her credit being shot. Now she’s stuck paying nearly a thousand dollars a month & she can barely afford to gas up. Though it’s a great deal easier because her mother pays her rent, which allows her to continue to dwell in FALSELAND. At this rate she’ll live there forever as long as no one ever wakes her up from her perception of reality.

Christopher Williams said it best…”If I’m dreaming, then just let me sleep. Don’t wake me up till my dream is complete!”


So in 2012 Author Hashim Conner plans to take his craft to another level. Instead of only writing books he will be making a intense effort to become a constant blogger. Though he is in the midst of deciding if his blogging will be in a story form or if he will be doing current events. That’s where you all come into play…The author would like to know what you want, would you like current events and discussions, or would you rather have a blogged short story?


With a billion and one questions running through his mind at the moment, the one that seems to stick out is simple. It’s possible that it’s the same question that’s on the mind of everyone that knows him personally. “What the fuck had he learned from his endeavors?” The answer, well that was a bit more complicated only because he had learned too much during the last couple of years. Starting with the fact that relationships DON’T work! Let’s rephrase that relationships DON”T work for him! Part of him didn’t feel he was prepared to go into detail, but if he must then eventually he must. For now it was but an after thought, there were more important things learned besides that of his failed attempts at love. Society as a whole was in disarray and for him to set his sites on his problems alone was worthless. In his mind the only thing left to do was to move on to everything else that he had the misfortune of learning the hard way. Christopher learned that the career that everyone was so sure was made for him was really not his niche. It seemed he wasn’t too keen on taking orders, and he had a serious problem with supposed authority figures. Especially the ones that are idiots, but if he was to be totally honest it wasn’t completely his superiors fault. The system was flawed, or better yet the parent, Hell the kids aren’t worth a damn either but it’s not their fault either. Society has spent so much time trying to talk at today’s youth and rarely take the time to talk to them, and with a generation that wants everything now including respect. It’s just too hard to get through to them with old fashion tactics. Now the question was simple; “What was he to do next?”

The reality is the most important thing that he’s learned was the fact that he had a gift, and that gift wasn’t meant to be used for one and one person only. What was that gift you ask? He had an uncanny way of making a woman feel good about herself, not saying that she doesn’t already but he tends to make them feel that much better. Truth is he was really good at it as well, so good in fact that he found a new job better yet a lovable career.

New career, new atmosphere, some type of people, or should we say the same old shit! Waiting to be escorted upstairs to meet his possible new boss, and be directed to the place were he would be doing the jest of his work. He couldn’t help but over hear the conversation between a few of the security guards. Grayson (at least that’s what his name tag said) a high yellow heavy set guy had the floor at the moment explaining to everyone how he was the man at home, and still did his thing in the streets. Even though his sub-par exterior made his statement fairly unbelievable, he amazingly commanded the attention of all listening, as he gave an account of his action in his household. In his mind Chris was going back and forth feeling a bit wrong for not believing him, after all he had no idea who he had at home. Chris finally came to the conclusion that it wouldn’t hurt to listen.


After months and months of listening to a group of peers and people from an older generation. I have one question that truly haunts me. Why do we need another African American Leader? Why do we need one person of African American decent to lead and unify our people? One person that we can all stand behind and come together for? We seem to be the only race or culture that NEEDS a figurehead to speak for us, to tell us what we want as a people. Now don’t get me wrong I am a full supporter of Dr. Martin Luther King, Marcus Garvey, and Malcolm X but at this stage in the game we are only getting remnants of their abilities. Answer this for me and I promise this is my last question for the time being. Where are the Leaders in other cultures, or races? Where are the Asian leaders, the Irish leaders, how about the Mexican leaders. Who are the people in the forefront of these cultures? And if they don’t have them, why do we NEED them?


I have come to the conclusion that there is only one way for me to prove to the readers that I should be mentioned when any discussion of writers come up. I’m one of the few author’s that write for the reaction not for the money (well let me be honest I write for the money too, but the reaction is what I really want!) This is what I am going to do for all my new fans I am willing to give you a free emailed copy of Karma for your enjoyment just to give you an opportunity to enjoy my work. The only thing that I ask is that you order an autographed copy of The Learning Curve for your enjoyment as well. This is all just to get you all ready for my next release The Congregation which is definitely coming soon. So get back to me as soon as possible and order you copy of The Learning Curve and get your free copy of Karma as you prepare yourself for the release of The Congregation!!!


I decided to just throw on a Polo jogging suit for tonight. It was already understood that I was okay in the clothes department, I didn’t feel that I needed to impress anyone by getting dressed plus it was just another party at the Rec. On top of that I didn’t need any extra attention. This was my first year in college, but not my first college Homecoming. I had come up last year around this time so I already knew it wasn’t as big as everyone made it seem. Between the fellas and the people that I met in summer school I was kind of popular so I was introducing Kev to people every time I turned around. He fit in quite nicely especially because of the new things he picked up a school. He had already been a drinker in high school, but he had now picked up smoking weed as a new past time. Wasn’t that big of a deal because with the exception of myself everyone else I hung out with did as well. He had no problem with acceptance especially once he pulled out his sack from the south. The party started at nine, and it was now eleven o’clock so we needed to get going. Even though I‘m already taken for the night, it still doesn’t hurt to be seen, or does it? When we stepped in it was packed from wall to wall unlike the last party there wasn’t a quiet area. There were women everywhere, it was probably some dudes there too but my eyes had trouble focusing on them especially with the abundance of legs that were out tonight. So let me see who’s here, and if there is anyone that I need to avoid. Before I could give the room a good once over I instantly see Maria we make eye contact, so I smile. It’s too early to be cuffed up with her plus she’s with her girls right now. On top of that it’s some lame ass dude in her face trying to get her number. From the look on her face he’s not doing to well. Hmmm, that’s too bad for him is what I stood and thought to myself, as I look at the sheer disappointment in his face. Every now and again I have caught myself being the jealous type, but it’s really not my style. It only happens when I’m feeling down and someone else seems to have things going on. This however was not one of those rare cases, plus it was evident that she had the situation under control, so I could comfortably move on. As I moved on I didn’t realize I was walking straight into the line of fire, because out of nowhere trouble appeared.

“What up Tamekia.” (I said politely)

“Whateva nigga , I already know yo little chick is here for the weekend!”

“Wow, news travels fast I just found out today.” I said as if I was astonished by her findings.

“Oh I won’t be acting like shit anymore, I’m tired of being yo chick on the side. Either you gone choose or I’m done.”

“Come on now sweetie, you knew the rules before this game even began, plus there’s not a choice to be made here. Honestly, do we have to go there, I’m just tryna have a good time with no drama if possible. Can we make that possible? I’d really appreciate that. Thank you in advance.”

“You think this is over, it ain’t over until I say it’s over, you are going to make a choice.”

“Well in that case can you please say it’s over so I can get back to enjoying myself? I already told you there is no choice to be made. Furthermore this is neither the time nor the place for this conversation.”

“That’s where you’re wrong. This is the time, and the place, so you need to choose Chris. Or I am going to make a scene in this party, I’m sure she’s in here.”

“Sweetie your making a scene right now, and when I tell you we won’t be kicking it anymore, it’s going to get worse. I’d really rather save you the embarrassment.”

“So that’s your answer, I was willing to leave my man for you and you won’t leave that bitch.”

“Look Tamekia, I’m going to take a couple steps away from you before you say something I won’t be able to ignore. I understand that you’re upset right now and I don’t want to have to tell you about yourself.”

“Fuck you Chris, I don’t want yo ass anyway, I was doing yo ugly ass a favor by letting you touch this right here. And you couldn’t even do that right.”

“Wow, and all this time I thought I was Pretty Damn Cute. I take it you’re done now. You’ve already hurt my feelings by saying that I was ugly, then topped it off with the fact that I’m sexually unimpressive. And with all that said the thing that sticks out most is the fact that you were just demanding that I choose between you and her.” (My guess was that my sarcasm wasn’t appreciated at that particular point.)

I decided that it was time for me to walk away from this situation, and get back in the party mood. Just hope it wasn’t as big of a scene as I thought it was. Was pretty sure she saw the entire episode, and if she didn’t one of her spies. I mean her friends did. So I might as well get ready for the line of questioning that was more than likely going to be asked later tonight. Where the fellas go that quick I thought to myself? As I walked around the party searching for them and attempting to avoid everyone else, finally I found them posted up by the wall as usual. “Ya’ll to blowed to holla at these chicks or what Cuz.” He turns and gives me the look as if to say I should know better than to ask him a question, like that.