Hashim Conner’s Literary Works
sophisticated contemporary urban literarture


Author Information:


Website: www.hashimconner.net

Email: hcconner@yahoo.com

This author is available for booksignings, speaking engagements and workshops.

For interviews, appearances or signings please contact my publicist,

Sukari Harris at 678.314.8719 or by e-mail at literarypublicist@gmail.com  

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16 Responses to “Contact”

  1. Hey Sweetie…..I see your website is up and running so so very proud of you!!!

  2. Congratulations on the new book and the new website!

    Monica Marie Jones

    Author of…

    The Ups and Downs of Being Round

    Taste My Soul


    FLOSS (Coming Soon!)


  3. even though I was there for just about every step of the way, I am still amazed that you finished the second book in this short amount of time. good luck in all your future success. hope everyone loves it the way I did

  4. Hey You! Great job, can’t wait to read the rest. Your doing it big keep it going!!!!

  5. I love u and support u all the way…….(this is my brother… people and i taught him everything he knows)!!!!!!lol…….make me rich…..

    signed……your number one Fan……

    Ms. Danyelle Stephenson

  6. I look forward to reading more of your work!!! Peace monicaBlaire

  7. So very proud of you, keep up the good work.
    Be blessed…Katherine

  8. Hey big brother,

    I’m proud of you– I’m going to get the new book this weekend.Hope all is well.

  9. Hey my favorite brother,
    I am so proud of you. Danyelle got ahead of herself cause she said that she taught you everything you know when we all know i’m the brains in the family!!! LOL. But for real you did a great job and i know you are gonna blow up soon enough so when you get big for real don’t let your head get any bigger than it already is.
    Love your real #1 fan Tanya.
    p.s. Remember I was the one at six tellin you, you was the man not Dany or anybody else.

  10. Your words are power!
    Continue to achieve your destiny!!

  11. hello,
    In case u do not remember I went to bagley and mumford with u. it is good to see that u r doing well, congratulations on your books. I am planning to purchase both of them this weekend. this must have been a hidden talent of yours. I rememeber u as this fun and silly guy…but anyway congrats and I wish u continued success in all that u do!

  12. may u will be my favorite auther mr.conner..this sexxy peachez from tagged.. i see ya doin it…

  13. Hey there…..I made it over. LOL!! And I see you doing your thang. Will be getting my copy soon!

  14. I really enjoyed the readings of Karma, Where are you books sold (stores or online) I am always willing to support someone doing somethingpositive. Much success to you

  15. Regarding the question of short stories or current events. I have to say I love your stories.

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