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A Touch of Karma

I decided to just throw on a Polo jogging suit for tonight. It was already understood that I was okay in the clothes department, I didn’t feel that I needed to impress anyone by getting dressed plus it was just another party at the Rec. On top of that I didn’t need any extra attention. This was my first year in college, but not my first college Homecoming. I had come up last year around this time so I already knew it wasn’t as big as everyone made it seem. Between the fellas and the people that I met in summer school I was kind of popular so I was introducing Kev to people every time I turned around. He fit in quite nicely especially because of the new things he picked up a school. He had already been a drinker in high school, but he had now picked up smoking weed as a new past time. Wasn’t that big of a deal because with the exception of myself everyone else I hung out with did as well. He had no problem with acceptance especially once he pulled out his sack from the south. The party started at nine, and it was now eleven o’clock so we needed to get going. Even though I‘m already taken for the night, it still doesn’t hurt to be seen, or does it? When we stepped in it was packed from wall to wall unlike the last party there wasn’t a quiet area. There were women everywhere, it was probably some dudes there too but my eyes had trouble focusing on them especially with the abundance of legs that were out tonight. So let me see who’s here, and if there is anyone that I need to avoid. Before I could give the room a good once over I instantly see Maria we make eye contact, so I smile. It’s too early to be cuffed up with her plus she’s with her girls right now. On top of that it’s some lame ass dude in her face trying to get her number. From the look on her face he’s not doing to well. Hmmm, that’s too bad for him is what I stood and thought to myself, as I look at the sheer disappointment in his face. Every now and again I have caught myself being the jealous type, but it’s really not my style. It only happens when I’m feeling down and someone else seems to have things going on. This however was not one of those rare cases, plus it was evident that she had the situation under control, so I could comfortably move on. As I moved on I didn’t realize I was walking straight into the line of fire, because out of nowhere trouble appeared.

“What up Tamekia.” (I said politely)

“Whateva nigga , I already know yo little chick is here for the weekend!”

“Wow, news travels fast I just found out today.” I said as if I was astonished by her findings.

“Oh I won’t be acting like shit anymore, I’m tired of being yo chick on the side. Either you gone choose or I’m done.”

“Come on now sweetie, you knew the rules before this game even began, plus there’s not a choice to be made here. Honestly, do we have to go there, I’m just tryna have a good time with no drama if possible. Can we make that possible? I’d really appreciate that. Thank you in advance.”

“You think this is over, it ain’t over until I say it’s over, you are going to make a choice.”

“Well in that case can you please say it’s over so I can get back to enjoying myself? I already told you there is no choice to be made. Furthermore this is neither the time nor the place for this conversation.”

“That’s where you’re wrong. This is the time, and the place, so you need to choose Chris. Or I am going to make a scene in this party, I’m sure she’s in here.”

“Sweetie your making a scene right now, and when I tell you we won’t be kicking it anymore, it’s going to get worse. I’d really rather save you the embarrassment.”

“So that’s your answer, I was willing to leave my man for you and you won’t leave that bitch.”

“Look Tamekia, I’m going to take a couple steps away from you before you say something I won’t be able to ignore. I understand that you’re upset right now and I don’t want to have to tell you about yourself.”

“Fuck you Chris, I don’t want yo ass anyway, I was doing yo ugly ass a favor by letting you touch this right here. And you couldn’t even do that right.”

“Wow, and all this time I thought I was Pretty Damn Cute. I take it you’re done now. You’ve already hurt my feelings by saying that I was ugly, then topped it off with the fact that I’m sexually unimpressive. And with all that said the thing that sticks out most is the fact that you were just demanding that I choose between you and her.” (My guess was that my sarcasm wasn’t appreciated at that particular point.)

I decided that it was time for me to walk away from this situation, and get back in the party mood. Just hope it wasn’t as big of a scene as I thought it was. Was pretty sure she saw the entire episode, and if she didn’t one of her spies. I mean her friends did. So I might as well get ready for the line of questioning that was more than likely going to be asked later tonight. Where the fellas go that quick I thought to myself? As I walked around the party searching for them and attempting to avoid everyone else, finally I found them posted up by the wall as usual. “Ya’ll to blowed to holla at these chicks or what Cuz.” He turns and gives me the look as if to say I should know better than to ask him a question, like that.


4 Responses to “A Touch of Karma”

  1. Talk about a scene that I saw all too much at the “parties” that were had in high school. One of which resulted in me with a concussion as I tried to keep a very nasty situation from occurring. Yeah, parties involved in that one still haven’t lived that down and here it is 14 years later. Oh well, such is life right. Choices people make will almost always come back at them in the end. I will have to get the book to see what happens next, but I must say I do appreciate that no fight erupted in this scene, which is seen a lot in writing these days.

  2. I enjoy reading what you have to say i look at this site daily it is one of my favs now so keep up the good work

  3. This insert is off the chain. Must read more.

  4. Good stuff Shimmy!!!

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